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New Application level events in PowerPoint 2013


2013 has two new application level events available to the developers. Namely Application.AfterDragDropOnSlide and the Application.AfterShapeSizeChange. I could not get AfterDragDropOnSlide to fire in the public preview build but AfterShapeSizeChange worked just fine.

Application.AfterShapeSizeChange: It fires the event as soon as the user resizes a shape on the slide. If you select multiple shapes and resize then an event is fired for each of the shapes resized.

Supported versions: PowerPoint 2013

' --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
' Copyright ©1999-2022, Shyam Pillai, All Rights Reserved.
' --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
' You are free to use this code within your own applications, add-ins,
' documents etc but you are expressly forbidden from selling or 
' otherwise distributing this source code without prior consent.
' This includes both posting free demo projects made from this
' code as well as reproducing the code in text or html format.
' --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
'Event signatures
Private Sub App_AfterDragDropOnSlide(ByVal Sld As Slide, ByVal x As Single, ByVal Y As Single)

End Sub

Private Sub App_AfterShapeSizeChange(ByVal shp As Shape)
'shp contains the reference to the shape that was resized.
End Sub



Copyright 1999-2022 (c) Shyam Pillai. All rights reserved.