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Updated Comments object in PowerPoint 2013

2013 updates the Comments object to offer more extensions. It has the new Add2, Replies and many other new properties. Add2 method allows you to programmatically add comments from other providers. You can flag the id for your live outlook or sharepoint account by specifying the correct information.

We will look at the example below which also makes use of a Windows Live user to assign the comment attributed to that user. Also, note that the replies are always at one level. So the top comment gets all the replies to it. If you specify the provider id and user id then it takes precendence over the Author information.

Also, if provider id and user id are not specified then those properties fail so make sure you have error handling while enumerating comments.

Supported versions: PowerPoint 2013

Sub CommentsAddAndEnumerate()

With ActivePresentation.Slides(1)

    With .Comments.Add2(0, 0, "User", "SKP", "This is example sucks", "None", "Shyam")

       'Assign comment without credentials

        With .Replies.Add(100, 100, "Some user", "UB", "I agree")

            Call .Replies.Add2(100, 100, "", "UA", "I'll try to improve it", "None", "Shyam Pillai")

        End With

       'Use a Windows Live as provider, use a valid user Id. This is just for representation.	 

        Call .Replies.Add2(100, 100, "", "", "It's alright.", "Windows Live", "02354654b39253ea0")

    End With


    Dim I As Long


    For I = 1 To .Comments.Count

        Call ListCommentInformation(.Comments(I))



End With

End Sub


Sub ListCommentInformation(comment As Comment)

Dim I As Long

On Error Resume Next

With comment

    Debug.Print "Author: " & .Author

    Debug.Print "Author Index: " & .AuthorIndex

    Debug.Print "Author Initials: " & .AuthorInitials,

    Debug.Print "Date & Time: " & .DateTime

    Debug.Print "Is collapsed: " & .Collapsed

    Debug.Print "Text:" & .Text

    Debug.Print "Number of Replies:" & .Replies.Count

    Debug.Print "Provider Id:" & .ProviderID

    Debug.Print "User Id:" & .UserID


    If .Replies.Count > 0 Then

        For I = 1 To .Replies.Count

            Debug.Print "Reply no.: " & I

            Call ListCommentInformation(.Replies(I))


    End If

End With

End Sub



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