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Custom Show Print Add-in for PowerPoint 97 or later Version 1.7.1



  • Resolves the Page numbering issue when dealing with Custom shows in PowerPoint

  • Print specific slides within the custom show with appropriate page numbers using the Print range options.


Installation Instructions:

  • Download the add-in setup file.

  • Launch PowerPoint. Click on the Tools Menu and select Add-ins.

  • Click on Add New... and locate 'CustomPrint.ppa'. Click on OK.

  • You should now be able to see the add-in listed in the window with a 'x' mark against it. Click on OK again

  • If it prompts you with the Macro Warning, enable the macros.


Note: Fixed a bug in Version 1.7.0 which printed everything to a file.

How to use Custom Show Print Add-in

  • If the add-in is loaded, it adds a menu item in the Tools Menu. Look for 'Print Custom Show...'

  • Click on it. This will bring up the window shown below:

  • Select the custom show to print from the list provided.

  • Select whether you want to print the the Slides or Notes.

  • Page numbering will begin from the value you specify in the 'Start numbering from' field.

  • Specify the print range. If you desire to print specific page(s) then select the Slides option and then click on the titles of all the slides you want to print. Click on a selected title again to unselect it.

  • The default printer is selected. Change it to an appropriate one if required

  • Specify output settings like - Colo(u)r, frame, fit to page etc.

  • If you want to hide the Notes text body while printing, uncheck the 'Print Notes Body Text' choice.

  • Click on Print.   




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