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Secure Pack is the ideal solution for distributing PowerPointŪ presentations. Protect presentations from being changed by the recipient. With the Secure Pack Wizard, any Microsoft PowerPointŪ user can quickly package one or multiple presentations into a SINGLE executable show. You can also include the files linked within them in the archive and distribute them for viewing and/or editing. Easily distribute this show on CD's or upload it to the your website for downloads. It converts the presentations into a valuable protected information resource that can be viewed exactly as you want it be viewed. In version 3.0 you have to ability to include the Microsoft PowerPoint viewer of your choice within the packed show to create standalone executables.


Announcement: Release of Secure Pack version 3.5 update for Vista.

PC Magazine Editor's Choice: Read Secure Pack 2003 review.

Secure Pack makes the cut yet again: Secure Pack listed in cover story 2004 Utility Guide



Secure Pack enables the viewers to experience full presentations, as they were meant to be viewed - complete with slides, audio and animations and at the same time restrict the viewer ship and protect the contents from being changed. Secure Pack transforms presentations - the most common form of business communication - into non-editable valuable assets to spread your information. You can password protect the packed show to give access to the presentation contents for editing.


Secure Pack is a complete solution for introducing security and protection while delivering your presentations. Our solution provides a simple and intuitive add-in to Microsoft PowerPointŪ to help you through the entire process, from selecting the files to be packaged, settings the various view/edit options, to setting the security mode for your package. This easy-to-use, self-service solution, allows you to create secure presentation archives within minutes.


Secure Pack gives you the freedom to distribute a SINGLE packed show. No hassles while distributing multiple presentations files. To retain the integrity of your presentations - use Secure Pack!


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