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Quickly insert a frequently used graphic in Word

We keep inserting a certain graphic or a clipart into our documents quite often. Let's take the case of the company logo. We may use it all the time in many types of documents. Is there a simple way to insert this frequently used graphic in any document?

You can achieve this by creating an AutoText entry from your graphic. Most Word users aren't aware that AutoText can be used for graphics as well as text, but it's easy to do.

Start with a blank document, select Insert, Picture, and insert the desired image. Make any needed changes to it, and then select the image by clicking it. Now select Insert, AutoText, New. In the Create AutoText dialog box, type a name for your image, lets call it  OurLogo (It is not case sensitive). Click OK.

Now to insert your logo in any document, type your keyword (in this case OurLogo) and then press F3. If you use your logo in several sizes, create an AutoText entry for each size, with keywords like logoBig, logoMedium, or logoTiny.



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