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Context menus are back in 2010

One of the casualties of the ribbon overhaul was that many features of customization were left out for 2007. One of them that got left out was not being able to create context menus. Fortunately this has been rectified in 2010.

Supported versions: PowerPoint 2010

Let us take a look at how to add your own menu item to a context menu. In this case, I shall add a button to the Section context menu. The button will show up whenever the user brings up the context menu for the Sections. We will add the functionality to create a custom show from the slides in the section.

The ribbom xml to make this happen looks like this:

<customUI xmlns="">


	<contextMenu idMso="ContextMenuLabelSection"> 

	<button id="idCustomShow" label="Make Custom" onAction="OnCustomShowFromSection" /> 




With the customization added, the Section context menu looks like this:

Context Menu

To see how to read the information from the sections and pull them into a custom show - click here: Make custom show from slides in a section

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