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Get the Format Painter to paint more

Playing with Shapes 

Toggle cases

Change the default folder that Excel/PowerPoint/Word looks for pictures in


Two-Way Lookups in Excel

Sum top N values

Wrap text as you type

One touch formula display

Shortcuts to insert date and time

Smile please, you are on camera!

Delete the links from a chart to the data range on a worksheet

View a Graphical Map of a Defined Name

Troubleshooting a Long Formula

Enter fractions

Shortcut for Switching Between Absolute & Relative Reference

Navigate Excel Sheets Faster

Excel formula helper

Using One Keystroke to Create a new Chart or Worksheet

Using Named Ranges Instead of References

Hide cell values

Get the Address Of The Cell That Contains The Maximum Value 

Double click the Fill Handle to Automatically Fill Data 

Number Of Months Between Any Two Dates 

Change A Link In A Formula Without Changing The Formula

Use Range Finder to Troubleshoot Formulae 

Increment A Set Of Dates By X Number Of Days Quickly 


Make duplicate shapes which are evenly spaced in PowerPoint

Display a black (or white) screen during a presentation

Disable power saving mode during a Show

Undo a design which has been applied to a PowerPoint presentation

Check transitions in Slide Sorter View

Reduce the PowerPoint file size

All about custom shows

Jump slides by numbers

Create PowerPoint Slides From A Word Outline

Come Back to First Slide in Slide Show Mode

A Guide to Guides

Recovering from Corrupt Presentation Files

Insert Slides From Multiple Presentation Files Into A Single New Presentation File 

Right Click To Move To The Previous Slide

Copy-Move Slides From One Presentation to Another

Create multiple slides from a single slide 

How To Open .ppz Files

Create Countdown Slide Without VBA 

Why doesn't the recorded macro work in Slide Show Mode?

How to create Fade In/Fade Out effect 

Disable the "Update links" dialog box

Animation Schemes in PowerPoint 2002/2003

OLE Objects and Charts save in earlier versions appearing flipped/inverted in PowerPoint 2002/2003.

How to clear the 'Recent files' list

How to remove custom colors from the presentation


Quickly insert a frequently used graphic in Word

Go back to where you left off in word

Quickly select a large block of text

Shrink to Fit

How to navigate better in Word

Retain paragraph formatting while pasting

Reverse Print Order

Use Spike to Move Text

Generate Random Content

Save or Close Multiple Documents

Clear Table Borders 

Word Shortcut List  

Selecting the Correct Save Option

Recover An Unsaved Document When Word Crashes

Quick Ways Of Selecting In Word


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