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Insert Slides From Multiple Presentation Files Into A Single New Presentation File

To do this, you can use the -i switch when you start PowerPoint. This is very handy when you have a team of people working on different slides of the presentation and want to combine up all their efforts into one presentation quickly. The order of merging is the order in which the presentation files are named.

Create three PowerPoint files. For example, create three files called Prez1.ppt, Prez2.ppt, and Prez3.ppt. Save these files in the My Documents folder.


On the Start menu, click Run.

In the Open box, type the following command: powerpnt -i "c:\My Documents\Presz1.ppt"  "c:\My Documents\Prez2.ppt"  "c:\My Documents\Prez3.ppt"

Click OK

PowerPoint starts and creates a new presentation that contains copies of all the slides from the 3 Presentations.

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Note that tip no longer works in PowerPoint 2003.


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