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Display a black (or white) screen during a presentation

Most of you are aware that PowerPoint can display a blank black slide at the end of the presentation. An undocumented feature of PowerPoint lets you display a black (or white) slide, any time, during the  course of your show.

During the course of a presentation, someone will ask a question that's unrelated to the slide onscreen. When this happens, U want to focus attention on the question at hand, not on the slide. Or, U might be ready to break for lunch/tea etc, however U didn't plan for this in your presentation. In these situations, all you need to do is display a black (or white) screen. Doing so gives the impression that you've pulled up a blank slide for the occasion.

You can blank the screen during a slide show with one simple keystroke. To display a black screen, press the B key. If you would rather display a white screen, simply press the W key. When you press the B or W key a second time, the slide show picks up where you left off: the slide that was displayed when you blanked the screen.


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