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Prevent the laptop/desktop monitor from switching off in the midst of a presentation

It is indeed a good practice to enable the power saving features in-built in the computers. However sometimes these very same features can be a real pain. The computer could go into power saving mode right in the midst of a presentation. PowerPoint 2000 automatically prevents it however here is how you tackle it in PowerPoint 97.

  • Click on Start | Control Panel | Power Options.

  • In the Power Option properties window, click on the Power Schemes Tab

  • Set the Turn off Monitor/ Turn off Hard Disks option when on Power (and also Battery for laptop users) to Never.

  • Now click on the Save as... button and assign a name to this power scheme... Let us call it 'Presentation' and then click on OK.

  • That's it congrats! Now whenever you are about to give a presentation and need to have the monitor always on; click on Start | Control Panel | Power Options and select our newly created 'Presentation' power scheme. And when thru with the presentation you can revert back to one of the other power saving modes.



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