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Make duplicate shapes which are evenly spaced in PowerPoint

Make duplicate shapes which are evenly spaced in PowerPoint

Many a times it becomes necessary to create duplicates which are not only identical but also even spaced. The traditional way would be to copy the object and paste it  N number of times and then position the objects manually to achieve the objective. Why bother going into all that when PowerPoint can do a better and a quicker job for U?


Just follow the instructions in the attached graphic of a PowerPoint slide and U are on your way! I've used the Chevron AutoShape shape in the example. The Duplicate (not to be confused with duplicate slide feature) options duplicates not only the object but also the relative positioning of the duplicated object with respect to the original object.



Two other examples in the graphic have also been created with the duplicate feature very quickly. Though circular doughnut chain is very tricky to achieve, using the Duplicate feature and a little of ingenuity can be done in under 2 minutes.


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