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Detect lines with gradient styles

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I was asked a few days ago if there was a way to detect if a gradient line style is applied to a shape or not. Though I didn't find any native support to detect it. I did find a behavior that proved to be useful in detecting it. If a gradient line is set on a shape, if you try to set a different color to it, it won't take. See how this work for you.

Minimum required version: PowerPoint 2007


Dim rgbMangenta As Long

Dim rgbOriginal As Long

rgbMangenta = RGB(255, 0, 255)

With ActiveWindow.Selection.ShapeRange(1)

    'Store the original value of color


    rgbOriginal = .Line.ForeColor.RGB


    'Assign a new value to it.

    .Line.ForeColor.RGB = rgbMangenta


    'If the value doesn't take then the line style is gradient


    If .Line.ForeColor.RGB <> rgbMangenta Then

        MsgBox "Gradient line detected.", vbExclamation


        MsgBox "Gradient line not detected", vbExclamation

        .Line.ForeColor.RGB = rgbOriginal

    End If

End With

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