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Motion Path End Position

This free add-in will create duplicate shapes at the position where each of the selected motion path animation ends. Using this tool you can quickly determine the end position of the animation at design time.


Version Supported

PowerPoint 2002 or later.


Click here (zip)

Installation Instructions (applicable only for zip) :

1. Extract the contents of the zip to a folder.
2. Launch PowerPoint.
3. Click on
Tools | Add-ins to bring up the add-ins window.
4. Click on Add to bring up the 'Add New PowerPoint Add-in' dialog box.
5. Navigate to the folder where the contents of the zip file was extracted and select 'mpepos.ppa' and click on OK.
6. You might be prompted with the macro virus warning. Enable the macros. When the Add-in is properly loaded, it will display a 'X' against the add-in name.
7. That's it. You have successfully loaded the add-in. Now put it to use.


Note: If you are unable to load the add-in check your macro security setting.




1. Click on Tools | Motion Path End Position...

2. From the list of motion path animations on the slide, select the ones for which you want to obtain end positions.
3. Tick transparency for the created shapes, if required.
4. Click on OK


Duplicate shapes indicating the end position for each of the selected animations will be created.




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