Extract embedded slides from a Word document


This is a Microsoft Word macro which will extract embedded slides within a document and save them as presentation. Basically it takes you one step short of recreating the presentation that was original sent to Word from PowerPoint using the Send-To-Word export option.

We make use of the OLE verb Open to launch an embedded slide in its own PowerPoint session and then grab a reference to it since PowerPoint is a single window multi-use application. Then a  copy of the slide is saved as presentation into the specified folder.

Copy this code into a code module of a Word Document. Open the document containing the embedded slides. Execute this macro.


Option Explicit
Sub ExportEmbeddedSlidesAsPresentation()
Dim iPresCount As Integer
Dim iCtr As Integer
Dim oPPT As Object
Dim oDoc As Document
Set oDoc = ActiveDocument
For iCtr = 1 To oDoc.InlineShapes.Count
    If oDoc.InlineShapes(iCtr).Type = wdInlineShapeEmbeddedOLEObject Then
        If oDoc.InlineShapes(iCtr).OLEFormat.ProgID = "PowerPoint.Slide.8" Then
            oDoc.InlineShapes(iCtr).OLEFormat.DoVerb 2
            Set oPPT = CreateObject("PowerPoint.Application")
            Call oPPT.presentations(oPPT.presentations.Count) _
            .SaveCopyAs("C:\Some Folder\Slide" & iCtr & ".ppt")
        End If
    End If
Next iCtr
Set oPPT = Nothing
End Sub


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