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How to add items to the slide show menu

The right-click menu displayed during the slideshow is a part of the command bar collection so it's easily possible to place items right there.

Sub PlaceItemOnSSMenu()
Dim oCommandSSCtl As CommandBarPopup
' Get the slideshow right-click popup reference
Set oCommandSSCtl = CommandBars.FindControl(ID:=30330)   
If Not oCommandSSCtl Is Nothing Then
    With oCommandSSCtl
' Place a menu item on it.
        With .Controls.Add(msoControlButton, , 1, 4, True)
            .Tag = "SampleRightClickMenuItem"
            .Caption = "This is a custom button..."
            .OnAction = "RunThisMacro"
        End With
    End With
End If
End Sub
Sub RunThisMacro()
Msgbox "You clicked the menu item."
End Sub


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